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Renewable Resource Hot Cup Supplier and Manufacturer

Simple Choices.
Made Simply From Nature

How we do it. Renewables uses a product life-cycle approach to sustainability - from raw materials and production to distribution and consumer use.

All of our products are made from renewable resources, such as plant sugars and cellulose, or made from recycled content. Not only are you able to lower your carbon footprint through the use of plant based carbon V.S. carbon from fossil fuels, our products give you the additional end-of-life option of composting.

From the seeds of nature, come the seeds of change.

It’s all connected.

PLA Coated Paper - No Plastic

It's our mission to optimize the use of renewable or recyclable source material. With that in mind, we use PLA coated paper, which is derived from 100% natural plants and coated with NatureWorks Ingeo. PLA coated paper will decompose as a fertilizer and soil amendment. It is a paper product that’s natural, safe, eco- friendly, and sustainable.

It just makes sense, and we planned it that way.

Check out our material life cycles below: