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New Ripple Grip® Ripple Wall Paper Cups

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One of our hottest sellers, our disposable paper Ripple Grip® Ripple Wall Insulated Paper Cups are great for both hold and cold beverages.

With a modern look, our Ripple Grip® Ripple Wall Insulated Paper Cups are also super eco friendly. Made from Pland Paper®, which is derived from 100% natural plants and coated with NatureWorks Ingeo Pland Paper® is a product that’s natural, safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable. To learn more on how our products are made, click here.

Disposable Paper Ripple Grip® Ripple Wall Cups for Sale

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We also offer custom printed Ripple Grip® Ripple Wall Cups.

New Deli Soup Cups

Friday, August 12, 2016

Renewables is proud to announce we have added a new line of Deli Soup Cups to our inventory of disposable, eco-friendly paper cups.

Disposable Paper Deli Soup Cups for Sale

Available in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz sizes our disposable paper deli soup cups are made from 100% renewable resources and perfect for hot or cold items.

Our deli soup cups are perfect for coffee shops, restaurants or anywhere they are needed to serve hot or cold foods. And did we mention all of our soup cups are fully bio-degradable? Using our products you will be doing your part to help conserve our environment for future generations.

Contact us today at 763-432-5636 to learn more about our disposable paper deli soup cups.